Customization range
With years of production experience, Orientitan provides complete customization for baggage trailer series products. We will design the size, appearance and function following customer demands throughout the process.

As for other series of products, we provide the customization of logos, coatings and other functions like the installing of awnings, lamps, floor mast, air conditioners, etc.

1.Production capacity
Our factory covers an area of over 40000 square meters, employing more than 160 workers. We possess a machining workshop, sheet metal workshop, manufacturing workshop, surface treatment workshop, assembly workshop and warehouses.

  • Machining workshop
    This workshop completes the machining of product parts on time according to the shipping plan issued by the sales department. Collect information and data on the production and processing, which will be fed back to relevant departments. This can provide the basis for performance improvement and optimization of the raw material.
  • Sheet metal workshop
    The metal product parts are manufactured through shearing, punching, cutting, bending, welding and other methods, like chassis, operator cabin, etc.
  • Manufacturing workshop
    Blanking, splicing and welding forming are conducted based on the structural drawings provided by customers.
  • Surface treatment workshop
    Conduct sandblasting, grinding, spraying and other processes for rust removing. This workshop can also paint customized color and print customer logo following customers’ requirements.
  • Assembly workshop
    Assemble the product frame and each part, then perform debugging after assembly.
  • Warehouses
    Warehouse is mainly used for storing the spare parts and the incoming and outing management of spare parts. This aims to ensure timely supply of accessories needed by customers.
We have the following production equipment:
No. Model Number No. Model Number
1 AMADA FPD-3004 bending machine 1 set 23 compressor 1 set
2 AMADA M-4065 plate shearer 1 set 24 Compressed air tank 1 set
3 AMADA CSW-220 notching machine 1 set 25 abrator 1 set
4 AMADA YIPPOS-3570 NC punching machine 1 set 26 autolift 2 sets
5 AMADA RG-200 bending machine 1 set 27 Pressure pump 2 sets
6 AMADA AB-3012 bending machine 1 set 28 forklift 2 sets
7 AMADA 1W-45Ⅱ punching machine 1 set 29 Air pump 1 set
8 CNC(HG) coordinate type cutting machine 1 set 30 Engine lathe 5 sets
9 CNC(DG3000) flame planer undefined1 set 31 Universal miller 1 set
10 Mono beam overhead crane 15 sets 32 Press machine 4 sets
11 undefinedElectric single-beam crane 2 sets 33 Vertical knee and column type milling machine 1 set
12 Plasma cutting machine 2 sets 34 Surface grinder 1 set
13 Q7780-12 Overhead rail shot blasting machine 1 set 35 Drilling machine 4台
14 Closed automatic shot-blasting machinundefinede 1 set 36 Bench tapping machine 1 set
15 Portable shape cutting machine 1 set 37 plate shearer 2 sets
16 Semi-auto cutting machine 1 set 38 puncher 3 sets
17 Grinder 2 sets 39 Sawing machine 1 set
18 Exhaust fan 24 sets 40 Bridge crane 1 set
19 Electric welder 25 sets 41 Electric hoist 2 sets
20 Spot welder 1 set 42 Crane 10 sets
21 Stacking machine 1 set 43 Auto 6 sets
22 Spray booth 1 room 44 Gas shielded welding machine 16 sets
2. Quality inspection
  • We will carry out quality control on products through the following processes.
    Raw material and accessories testing
    Testing of parts processed by outsourcing factories
    Testing after being finished from the manufacturing workshop
    Equipment testing after spraying
    Assembled products testing
  • The following testing instrument are used to test the size, voltage, thickness and tension of the product.
    1. Tensiometer: with a measuring range of 0-200kN, it is used to measure the tension of baggage towing tractor and aircraft towing tractor.
    2. Vernier caliper and outside micrometer: the measuring accuracy is 0.02mm and 0.01mm respectively, ensuring the size accuracy of the tested object.
    3. Coating thickness tester: it is used for measuring the thickness of the surface coating, placing an important role in quality management.
    4. Digital multimeter: it is applied to measure voltage, resistance and current in electronic detection.
    5. Withstanding voltage tester: it can determine the ability of the insulator to withstand the operating voltage or overvoltage. This further inspects whether the equipment’s insulating performance is in accordance with safety standard.
  • Annual output
    Orientitan produces over 500 sets of towing tractor, conveyor belt loader and other power cars, plus more than 8000 sets of powerless cars like baggage trailer, container dolly, etc.
Customization process:
  • Customers put forward their demands.
  • Feasibility analysis about customer demands.
  • Orientitan design drawings based on their demands.
  • Customers confirm the drawings.
  • Products manufacturing
  • Customer acceptance
  • Delivery

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